Mixero is a smart Twitter client helps in controlling the flow and noise of information. Considered as a new generation of Twitter clients, Mixero is an Adobe Air app with full synchronization capabilities and an iPhone app also will be available soon.

I’ll describe the most important features of Mixero here and you can learn more from visiting Mixero site and watching their video.

Divide people you follow into groups and get tweets of each group separately. Groups are synchronized to any Mixero client you use.

When it’s difficult to keep tracing the current flow of tweets about one subject, use filters. Write a word in the filter bar and it will filter all current tweets to that word and any coming tweets too. You can use it as a search tool.

Make a channel that monitors all Twitter tweets about one subject/trend in real time! Channels can monitor all Twitter tweets or tweets from specified users. I created a channel for “twtbase” to keep updated about any twtbase related tweets!

Active List
Active list is the bar in the middle. It’s the place for your favorite/latest Twitter users, groups, or channels.

A context is the configuration and the arrangement of your Mixero client. You can have for example two contexts, one for using Mixero at home and another for work.

UI, Url Shortening, Auto Completion and More
Mixero has very nice UI. I like most the Avatar Mode (see pic below). It lists your Active List avatars to right side of the screen. Mixero also provides choosing what shortening service you use for sharing links. And auto completes a twitter username while writing. There are more nice features I haven’t cover here.

Needs Some Enhancements? Suggestions?
Mixero overall is great! but I wish to see some more features in Mixero like:

  • Having multiple twitter accounts for one Mixero client (switching between twitter accounts)
  • More controlling on your tweets (e.g. send this tweet after an amount of time)
  • Blocking tweets of some users for an amount of time

Suggest any if you feel so. Mixero is currently in beta and registration is available through promocode invitations only. Follow Mixero twitter account and they will send you an invitation with few days. Or..

200 Promocodes For TwtBase Users! :D Try It Now!
Thanks for Mixero for giving twtbase 200 promocodes for our users! Download Mixero for here and the promocode is: twtbase

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