iQuickTwitter is more for the tech savvy people. It is My QuickSilver + Twitter + iChat + Growl Hack in one. You have to modify some the code with Script Editor to make it work, however it has gotten some good comments. It is made for Mac OSX.


  • Counts characters and notifies you by Growl if you exceed 140.
  • Notifies you by Growl when your tweet is sent.
  • Twitter username/password is hard coded to avoid Keychain Access and reduce delays.
  • Checks to see if iChat is running and then sets your status message as the current tweet.
  • Checks to see if Skype is running and then sets your mood text message as the current tweet. Note: If you want to integrate Skype mood text updates, open the script in Script Editor and uncomment (remove “–”) the Skype tell.
  • Growl will use the icon of Twitterific if installed.


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