Instant Tweets

Instant Tweets

Instant Tweets lets you instantly send tweets via your address bar or from the right click of your mouse.


  • Send Tweets instantly from your address bar by simply clicking the blue bird icon! (You can either type in your own message or simply click the bird to tweet the current page you are on!)
  • “Characters Remaining Countdown” always shown in the address bar – You will know EXACTLY how many characters you have remaining for your tweets
  • Lengthy URL’s are automatically shortened through Twitter
  • Tweet the current page you are on 2 ways.
  • 1. Simply click the bird icon in your address bar
    2. Right click your mouse and choose “Tweet Current Page”

  • Tweet an Image – This feature lets you right click over an image and choose “Tweet this pic” to instantly share an image with your followers!
  • The Blue bird icon in the address bar turns RED when you are on the Twitter Profile of someone who is NOT following you. This lets you know instantly if someone is following you back or not.
  • Compatible with Firefox 2 & 3

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