Incoming! is a Mac application twitter search client where you can search for topics and filter the results based on the influence of twitter users, or by the tweet attitudes (positive or negative). You can also filter the results to only show the links or the images included in the result tweets (and not the full tweets).

The application is currently free, but the website says it will be for $14 and after which the prices will go up to $24! I find these prices are somewhat expensive to what the application can offer. Same as free twitter search but with some additional nice features… however it’s free until a later notice.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
goodNo need for twitter login bad It will be for $14 up to $24 in future!
goodAbility to filter the results by twitter users influence, or by the tweets attitude. bad It does the same as twitter search but with some additional features.
good Has the option to only show links or images included in the result tweets.

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