HashTools is a web service that takes the Twitter hashtags to next level. It provides more functionality to specific popluar tags. Currently Hashtools supports 4 types of tags:

For those tags, Hashtools provides these services:

  • #video: view all shared vidoes from one place as embedded videos. Hashtools supports embedded videos for YouTube, Metacafe, Twitcam, Seesmic, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Revver and others!
  • #question: view questions and ability to vote them (up or down). And you can answer them directly
  • #poll: create polls easily bu using #poll has tag and adding “%” before every answer.
    Example: #Poll – Do you love Twitter? %Yes %No %No-Opinion
    Answers should not contain spaces (dashes instead). After voting, you can see a chart of the votes.
  • #deal: shows all deals, coupons and offers on Twitter and the ability to show the similar deals also (based on the URL of the deal)

Hashtools also provides updates of each of these tags through separated Twitter accounts:  Hashpoll, Hashvideo, Hashquestion, and Hashdeal.

hashpolls hashvideo

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
goodUses OAuth for Twitter login
goodProvides good services especially for videos and polls tags
goodEasy to use interface
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