FakeFollowers is a web Twitter service that tells which followers of yours are fake! A great tool for blocking spam twitter accounts.

Similar to what we reviewed before: TweetBlocker and TwitBlock.

FakeFollowers uses criteria to figure fake users like if the users has over 99.0% of his/her tweets contain a hyperlink or if it never sent a tweet. The good thing about FakeFollowers it shows you why it thinks a certain twitter account is fake. Big difference than TweetBlocker and TwitBlock.

The results show you the percentage of the fake followers of total followers and allows you to block them easily.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
goodNo need for Twitter login badSome of the results are not correct
goodUses clear criteria to identify fake followers
good Tells why a certain follower is fake
good You can compare the fake followers of two Twitter accounts


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