Archivist is a Twitter desktop app for Windows that aims to archive tweets for later use or search. The app is simple, just write a word and Archivist will search for its latest tweets and keeps updating every 5 minutes.

The problem this Twitter app is trying to solve is that Twitter search can’t show more than 1500 tweets of a certain word search, also, many Twitter users I’ve faced missing old tweets. Archivist comes to store the tweets on your desktop as XML files, or even export them to Microsoft Excel.

One big con of Archivist is it can only archive the tweets of a word search, not the tweets of your time line and your friends. Also the Archivist search criteria is very week offering only search for words, not users, not in a time or other options as what Twitter search offers.

Archivist_1 Archivist_2 Archivist_3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
goodGood simple idea to archive tweets badCan only archive tweets of a search term, not your or your friends tweets
goodAuto search and save tweets every 5 minutes badDoesn’t offer options in search as Twitter search
goodAbility to export tweets as a file for Microsoft Execl badExporting to Excel doesn’t support Unicode characters
goodProvides statistical graphs
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