AlertThingy is an Adobe Air application that supports Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds, and many more web 2.0 social services. With AlertThingy you will able to control the steam of alerts, tweets, Facebook notifications and others all in one place. And you can divide Twitter users, Facebook friends, customized RSS feeds into groups! Powerful app.

AlertThingy also provides another version dedicated for FriendFeed.

alertthingy_screenshot_1 alertthingy_screenshot_2 alertthingy_screenshot_3

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
goodVery pretty and simple interface badDoesn’t support Arabic charterers in Mac and Linux (Adobe Air bug)
goodProvide an easy way to control the streams of tweets, Facebook notifications, RSS feeds and more
goodAdobe air app supporting Windows, Linux and Mac
goodYou mix Twitter users, Facebook friends and RSS feeds in groups
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